Vegetable disaster!

I had a rude awakening yesterday morning. I was planning on a lie in, but the potato patch had other ideas.

Blight: Noun. The rapid and extensive discoloration, wilting, and death of plant tissues.

Yes, that nasty little Blight that rots the plant from the leaves down has got our potatoes by the balls ... potatoes... The Mister and I had to utilise EMERGENCY PLAN C which is code talk for digging up the taties as fast as possible to try and salvage our crop.

These leaves will have to be burned to stop contamination! Luckily we caught it before it reached the potatoes so we have a nice half a sack of young spuds and that ain't half bad. :D It must have been a sight for the farmers driving up the track past our house in their massive tractors. There I was digging furiously in my pjs.

Despite the near disaster it was a happy day, particularly as the radishes are doing super well. *high five* and we had a yummy lunch of home grown salad stuff. Please excuse the sleepy, no make up face and mussy hur... at least I'd managed to change out of my pjs by this point!

Laters, Bloggeroos.

Love from The K-monster. xoxo


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