Organisation Smorganisation: Getting back on track

I am not an organised person. Someone recently used the term "choreographed chaos" in reference to me. And it's true. I have a tendency to put things down in strange places (or the first available space to me!), I rifle through my clothes drawers and mess it all up and resulting in extra work for me on my days off,  and I have a terribly short attention span. I am a whirling dervish of utter calamity.

Keeping myself organised

I have to go to great effort to keep myself in check. I write to do lists all the time. I use Wunderlist at work and have a running list of every thing, no matter how small, so I don't forget to do something. People laugh at me, but I have to do it. Structure is important for my brain. It's like a climbing Clematis (and yes I have one in the garden!). Without a wall or a trellis the stems flail around looking for something, anything, to attach itself to for support. I am that Clematis! Did I just liken myself to a plant? Holy... someone get me a cup of coffee.

Making plans

When I was a teenager, every evening I'd write a schedule for the next morning

7am: Get up

7:05am: Actually get up

7:15am: Shower

7:20am: Seriously, get out of bed you lazy bed monster!

Or something along those lines. Was it going a bit far to attempt to structure every little detail of my day from minute to minute? Yeah, it was so I stopped. I came to the conclusion that it took the creativity and spontaneity out of life. So I stopped organising myself all together!

I'm going to get organised again. Not to the previous extent, but certainly gaining balance is a good idea. The essence of scheduling life, I suppose, is to plan and also be flexible within certain limits. What might I do on this day? Does it matter if I don't do it? Can I move it to another day if I need to? To do this I need a diary.

Paper vs online calendars

I love my tech. My smartphone is rarely away from my side and I enjoy being able to access everything quickly. Lately I've been using Wunderlist (which I mentioned before) and Google calendar to organise myself at work. It's worked really well so far. I can set up reminders that ping at me, my laptop and phone sync automatically, and I can access it from anywhere I need to.

There's only one problem. I like paper. Paper is right there in front of you, reminding you that it needs to be completed. It can't be dismissed, or snoozed, or silenced. It can be screwed up and shoved in a bin, but you know, that would be a waste and I don't like waste. You can wander past it day to day, have a quick glance and remind yourself. There is a great satisfaction when you cross something off the calendar or to do list because you've completed it.

So here's a challenge...

Get organised. Simple and yet my head just had a little panic. Organised! What?! Nooooooo...

I'm going to start here and it's going to be on paper.

  You can download the blog planner by clicking right....HERE or by clicking the picture.

Do you have a story about how badly organised you've been or you're super organised and want to share your tips? Leave a comment or email me. I'd love to hear from you.





  1. I'm terrible at organisation, I always start the day with such grand plans and then somehow end up wasting far more time than I should (now is the perfect example, I'm meant to be getting ready to leave the house and instead I am sitting on my laptop). I've used a couple of online list making devices before but since I don't have a smart phone it only works for stuff I need to do at home. Thanks so much for the download, maybe I can start organising at least one area of my life now (!)

    Just discovered your blog and I really like it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing if your organisation plans work xo