Our story

This is my Mister and I. 

We met 4 and a half years ago while I was at university He'd just moved to the area for work and happened to go out with some work colleagues one night for a few drinks. On the other side of town, my housemate Anna and I made our way out together to see two separate groups of friends. My group of mates were running late so I stayed with Anna and her friends for a bit. Some time passed, I went to the bar to grab some drinks and as I wandered back to our table this tall man locked eyes with me and said in a really surprised way, "Hello!" Being quite shy...yes, i'm shy...I quietly said hi back and scurried off. One of his work colleagues came over and spouted off some pick up lines... I was not impressed, but I could see the tall guy in the background, pulling faces which made me laugh.  We all went on with our nights.

Later, I walked towards the cash point next to the exit and he approached. 

"I know this might sound a bit silly, but would you like to go out for dinner sometime?"

It must be obvious that I said yes! He later told me he thought I was leaving and thought he'd never see me again. 

Things were good. We were together for a while and life was all kinds of rosy pinks! 

But I won't paint you a faux painting here...He got made redundant from his job. Soon after I left university and couldn't find any kind of job at all. Bills piled up, life hit us at full whack. I'd not long lost my mother to a terribly vicious form of cancer. Life. My grandfather was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. We each had to move back in with parents, me to Cornwall and the Mister to Dorset. We were together and yet miles apart for nearly a year. Life. He got a new job. We moved to Cardiff. We made some amazing friends. He lost his job. He got sick. He was in hospital for 2 months and had a life changing surgery. I stayed with him in hospital 6 hours every day because he couldn't cope. We had to move out of our home while he was sick. For the last month I had no where to stay and our new friends showed so much kindness in letting me stay with them. He asked me to marry him from his hospital bed. He came home. We started again. Life.

Life has been all kinds of wonderful to us and all kinds of not. We're still dealing with the results of the recession. Everything I earn goes to paying off the small debts we owe, which make saving for a wedding really, really hard. We could wait to get married, but we don't want to because it shouldn't be about how much we can spend. Instead I am relishing the challenge of pulling off a super awesome wedding on a zero budget and staying true to our ethics. I am getting as many people involved as possible, calling in favours and getting myself ready for going DIY cray cray! We are aiming for next Spring!

I am super excited to get started and book-end this crazy chapter with a beautiful ending. You with me on this, Blog-o-sphere?

Yeah...thought so. :)



  1. woop woop. You are awesome. So is Mister.

  2. You two are really beautiful. Knowing your story and how much you've been through makes my heart burst with prayers for your new start at life. Can't wait to hear about your wedding plans. I know it'll be a very special day.

  3. Ahh I love it. Still think you should get married at our place K-Dub x