A week in Insta

I came late to the Instagram party and (as usual) I wasn't sure I was going to love it at first but now I adore my little Insta-machine. I am still getting the hang of taking photos on my phone. I'm one of those that snaps away, taking awful looking phone pics that get relegated to my memory card only to be deleted years later when I need to make room for Angry Birds!
1. Getting some insight into the mind of Mr Lutwidge Dodgson. 2. The Mister tries to get my attention. 3. Vintage dress on a blustery day. 4. A new place to call home. 5. Mooooooooo! 6. Old edition of my favourite childhood poetry book. 7. A little bloggy switch-a-roo. 8. Magical bluebells. 9. Howard and I go on a journey in the car.

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And for this very sunny morning here in the UK... here's a playlist I came across earlier. Obsessed.

Songs to listen to while traveling by Grooveshark Explore on Grooveshark

Have an excellent Saturday, folks.


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