Bluebell Woodland Walk

The Mister and I have just moved house and haven't had the opportunity to go exploring in our new environment, also as the Mister has been poorly sick, what with surgery and all, he's been ordered to stay at home for a good old rest. The other day was our first venture out to look at the bluebells growing in a woodland near our new home. It was spectacular!

This is the first time I've lived away from the sea (inland...working out how I came up with the new blog name yet?!) and normally our go to place to get peace is the coast. I feel really lucky to get to see these bluebells as they flower for a short amount of time and then they are gone 'til next Spring. We caught it at just the right time!

As we were heading out the door I thought to myself that Howard was a wise enough owl not to get lost, so he came with us, perched very gently in my coat pocket.

You can see some more of my little Howard later in the week.

Katherine xo


  1. Oh, how I miss bluebell woods. The smell is always glorious! Glad that you've managed to find a place of peace in your new home x

  2. Thank you lovely :) The wild garlic was out as well so the whole place had this subtle garlic smell.