Ah Sunday. My only day off work this bank Jubilee weekend and even though I thought I would, I spent zero time celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Instead I finished digging the new herb garden that was originally planned to be home to half a ton of daisies, but the daisies will have to go elsewhere!

I must admit, I woke up in a dreadful mood this morning. Hormones were a flyin', tears were shed, and I stayed in bed feeling rather sorry for myself until at least 11am... It is one of those days...Weeks actually. But gardens' weave a magical spell and my gloom was banished.

I sat and made a list of the herbs and plants I want to grow in the new patch. If you can think of any more things to pop in leave a comment.


I want to add some different types of salad leaves too.

This afternoon the Mister and I went for a quick stroll to a local ox drove where the wild flowers were in full bloom and I went a little Instagram crazy! The Mister tried to join in by trying to orchestrate an arty photo of him holding a dandilion... It didn't work quite as he'd planned!  But it was nice for him to have a go since he isn't one for social media of any kind...a break through?!

Speaking of breakthroughs, I actually sat for 10 minutes away from my phone, laptop, and other human beings. Yes, friends. Today I sat and read a magazine article with a cup of tea to hand. Just some time to sit with my thoughts. Perhaps I need to make this a priority 'cause it kind of helps.

Back to work tomorrow but since work is full of Jubilee celebrations I think it's going to be fuuuuuuun.

Now, do I want to read some Sci Fi or stuff my face with minty ice cream before bed?


  1. Hmmm, I vote both for the last question! Hope this week turns out better than the last. Your herb garden sounds heavenly!

    1. I did end up with both minty ice cream and 'The City and The Stars' by Arthur C. Clarke. I feel so much better this morning.

      Going to bring in some peppermint to the herby garden too. It's going to smell divine!

  2. I love the minimalist look of your blog!